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Meet Julia Childress -- StarCraft II eSports Pro

Meet Julia Childress -- StarCraft II eSports Pro

Team Dignitas’s Steve Farrant recently interviewed Julia Childress, a Diamond league protoss player from Vancouver, BC, where she streams regularly on TwitchTV and goes by the name Ailuj. She made her first major tournament appearance on the main stage at MLG Providence in a match against zerg player Hwang “IM.LosirA” Kang Ho and has since continued to promote the StarCraft II eSports scene and interact with the community and her growing audience.

Gender doesn't matter in SC2. When you play ladder, do you sit there and wonder if your opponent is female or male? Most people probably assume they're playing against a male, I know even I do. Would it matter if you found out your opponent was a girl? Maybe if a particularly proud male found out he'd lost to a girl he'd be a bit bitter or even feel the need to BM, but for the most part, if there were more girls around playing StarCraft no one would think twice about it.

I guess the only reason it's perceived to matter now is because there are so few girls that play, and everyone's still trying to figure out how to classify us. In reality, we're the exact same as men who play; we have people in bronze, we have people in GM. Just the fact that there is a smaller population of us is what differs at all, but I really believe that we're a representative sample of the StarCraft community as a whole.

You can check out the full interview here, and follow Julia on Twitter here.

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