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New Blizzard Custom Game: StarCraft Master

A new challenge is coming: the new single-player Blizzard mod StarCraft Master. StarCraft Master offers you the opportunity to put your skills to the test in 30 different challenges that will tax your knowledge and your ability to control your forces. Each fiendish challenge will demand your utmost concentration to prevail, and they’ll help you hone your unit micro-management skills in situations which mimic real battles.

These fun and demanding challenges range from “kiting” a single unit, to managing incoming damage and maximizing unit abilities, to controlling a mix of units to obtain victory over a superior enemy force.

If a particular challenge proves to be too daunting, don’t worry. You have the option to ‘warp’ from challenge to challenge, which will allow you to skip a task that’s proving too difficult or head straight for one you want to work on.

If you’re really stuck, just hit F12 to view hints that might provide the nudge you need to triumph.

StarCraft Master also offers five new achievements and a new portrait as well. Eager to test your mettle?

You’ll soon find StarCraft Master in the Featured section of the Custom Game interface. We'll let you know when it goes live (in the next few days).

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