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New Maps In. Old Map Out.

New Maps In. Old Map Out.

We recently invited you to help us choose two Global StarCraft II League (GSL) maps for the StarCraft II ladder map pool. We’re excited to now announce the winners of that poll. These GSL tournament maps will be joining the ladder pool in season 7:



In addition, Ohana, the community created map by IronManSC and Team ESV, will also be joining the map pool.

Not only will Daybreak, Metropolis, and Ohana be joining the map pool, but we’re also experimenting with expanding the overall size of the pool from eight maps to ten in season 7.

Even though the pool is growing larger, this means that one of the old maps must go. Now it’s time to cast your vote on the map you believe should be retired from the season 7 ladder pool. One week from today, we’ll tally your votes and bid farewell to the map you selected.

When choosing which map should go, please keep these qualities in mind:

  • Balance
  • Map Size
  • Rush Distances
  • Fun

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