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Season 7 Ladder Map Update

Season 7 Ladder Map Update

Starting with Season 4, we began experimenting with prioritizing tournament-style maps on the StarCraft II ladder. Then in Season 6 we gave player-created maps the spotlight. Now, in Season 7, GSL tournament maps take the stage.

We ran a poll that allowed players from every region to vote on two GSL tournament maps to join the official ladder, as well as a poll to determine which map would be retired from the pool. The voting was close, but in the end three maps emerged victorious from the fray, while one will finally retire.

Season 7, which begins in the week of April 9, brings with it the following changes to the existing map pool -- though you can prepare for the new maps before the season starts by playing them as Custom Games:

Map being removed: (4) The Shattered Temple
The poll results were clear:  the time has come to retire The Shattered Temple from the official ladder.

Maps being added:

(2) Daybreak LE


(4) Metropolis LE


(2) Ohana LE

By IronmanSC and the other members of the ESV Mapmaking Team

Thank you all for helping us shape the Season 7 ladder by participating in these groundbreaking polls. We will continue to mix up the map lineup on the StarCraft II ladder to keep things fresh, and we’ll also maintain our focus on tournament-viable maps to ensure the fiercest competition. Maps that don’t make the cut will be replaced by maps that meet the standards set by major tournaments all around the globe.

See you on the ladder!

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