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The StarCraft II World Championship Series

The StarCraft II World Championship Series

The World Championship, which will take place later this year, will be the culmination of more than 30 eSports events run by Blizzard and tournament organizers. These events are collectively known as the StarCraft II World Championship Series.

The goal of the StarCraft II World Championship Series is to identify a true global champion, as players enter and qualify through open tournaments starting at the national level. The National Championships are designed to allow local heroes to rise to the top and be recognized in their country. The top finishers at each National Championship will earn spots at their Regional Finals events, which will be an all-out brawl between neighboring countries to decide who will represent their continent at the World Championship.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete at the World Championship? To earn a seed for a Regional Finals, such as the StarCraft II World Championship Series North America Finals, you must first qualify through the National Championship based on your nationality. Nationals will range from 8 to 64 players and will comprise individuals who have earned seeds through various National Qualifiers.

National Qualifiers will be the grassroots-level events that will give a wide-reaching opportunity to StarCraft II players to test their mettle and traverse the “Road to Worlds.” These will be, far-and-away, the most open opportunity to participate in a global-scale tournament that Blizzard Entertainment has ever put forth. Partners and organizations will be awarded National Championship seeds to distribute as they see fit, whether it be through brand-new events and tournaments, or online and live events, or by simply adding the seeds to their existing prize pools. This will be the best opportunity for YOU to sign up and participate in the StarCraft II World Championship Series, so stay tuned for signups!

Also, keep checking back for more updates on National Qualifiers, National Championships, and eventually Regional Finals as we roll out news articles for each.

National Championship Countries/Regions

North America

United States of America

South America



Russian Federation
United Kingdom


South Korea 


New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?
You must climb the ranks of the StarCraft II World Championship Series. The entry level will be made up of National Qualifiers and will give players a chance to earn a spot at their respective National Championship. Once you’ve made it through to your National Championship, you must then fight through your compatriots for an invitation to your Regional Finals. At your continent’s Finals, you’ll be up against other National Champions all vying to earn the right to represent their country and continent at the World Championship.

What are National Qualifiers?
National Qualifiers are events, both live and online, that have been awarded slots that feed into a National Championship. Winners of National Qualifiers will receive an invitation, including travel expenses, to attend their National Championship. Some events will have Nationals slots added to their prize pool; others will be complete standalone events. More information about where to sign up for your country’s National Qualifiers will be made available soon!

Will the format of every National Championship and Regional Finals be the same?
Yes! The rules of play for each National Championship and Regional Final will be identical. Each tournament will be a best-of-3 double-elimination format.

How do you define nationality?
For the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series, nationality is defined by your country of citizenship. Should you have multiple countries of citizenship you must choose one for the tournament year, and you will have to qualify through that country’s path in order to climb through the ranks.

My country is not listed here; will I be able to participate in the StarCraft II World Championship Series?
We plan to accommodate as many countries as possible. More information about participating countries not listed here will be posted at a later date.

What is the total prize pool of the StarCraft II World Championship Series?
More information about prize pools for the StarCraft II World Championship Series will be announced soon.

When are these events happening?
More information for National Qualifiers -- including details about your country’s National Qualifiers and the various organizations involved at the National Qualifier level -- as well as details on National Championships and Regional Finals, will be announced soon. Be sure to check back at for further updates.

Which maps will be featured in the competition?
These are the maps that will be featured in the World Championship Series:

(2) Daybreak LE
(2) Ohana LE
(2) Cloud Kingdom LE
(4) Entombed Valley
(4) Antiga Shipyard
(4) Tal’darim Altar LE
(4) Shakuras Plateau

Who will be hosting matches over the course of the World Championship Series?
Blizzard Entertainment is presenting the World Championship Series in partnership with the following eSports organizations:

eSports Tournaments NZ

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