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World Championship Series: Asia Nationals

World Championship Series: Asia Nationals

We're excited to bring you an update regarding Blizzard's new eSports competition: the StarCraft II World Championship Series. The series consists of prize tournaments in nearly every part of the world that will bring players from all over the globe together to compete like never before.

It all starts with the National Qualifiers, where players (maybe even you!) will battle it out for a chance to prove their mettle and qualify for the National Finals. The top players from each country will then compete in their regional Finals. From there, winners will earn the right to fight in the StarCraft II World Championship Series, where they'll strive to win amazing prizes and the title of World Champion. We'll have more details to share about this tournament in the very near future.

If you're keen to be part of the action, join one of the eligible qualifiers for the Nationals listed below, and go head to head against others from your country. We'll be sharing further information on how to sign up as the event dates approach, so check back often for your chance to join.

Visit the World Championship Overview blog to find out more about the tournament series as well as other events occurring elsewhere in the world.



South Korea


South Korea Qualifiers

Offline Preliminaries (16 slots)
GSL Seed (10 slots)
KeSPA Seed (6 slots)

Nationals Finals Information

Partner: GomTV

Date: August 6 - 24

Location: Seoul, Korea

Prize Pool: KRW 30,000,000

Participants: 32

Asia Finals Slots: 10

Direct Seed to Global Final: 1


Qualifier Finalists
DongRaeGu MVP GSL Seed
MC SK Gaming GSL Seed
Seed IM GSL Seed
Genius SlayerS GSL Seed
Squirtle StarTale GSL Seed
Parting StarTale GSL Seed
HerO Team Liquid GSL Seed
Gumiho FXOpen GSL Seed
aLive FnaticRC GSL Seed
Rain SK Telecom T1 KeSPA Seed
Jaedong Team 8 KeSPA Seed
Soulkey Woongjin Stars KeSPA Seed
EffOrt CJ Entus KeSPA Seed
herO CJ Entus KeSPA Seed
RorO Samsung Khan KeSPA Seed
Miya SlayerS Offline Preliminaries
Horror IM Offline Preliminaries
Curious StarTale Offline Preliminaries
sC MVP Offline Preliminaries
TAiLS MVP Offline Preliminaries
Happy IM Offline Preliminaries
CoCa SlayerS Offline Preliminaries
Creator Prime Offline Preliminaries
Puzzle SlayerS Offline Preliminaries
YuGiOh SlayerS Offline Preliminaries
Reality Samsung Khan Offline Preliminaries
Bboong Prime Offline Preliminaries
Hack StarTale Offline Preliminaries
Leenock FXOpen Offline Preliminaries
dreamrtt IM Offline Preliminaries
Polt TSL Offline Preliminaries






Asia Finals


Asia Finals

Asia Finals Information

Partner: NetEase

Event: WCS Asia Finals

Date: October 13-14

Location: Shanghai, China

Number of Participants: 32

# of BWC Seeds: 6

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