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World Championship Series: Oceania Nationals - Updated

World Championship Series: Oceania Nationals - Updated

We're excited to bring you an update regarding Blizzard's new eSports competition: the StarCraft II World Championship Series. The series consists of prize tournaments in nearly every part of the world that will bring players from all over the globe together to compete like never before.

It all starts with the National Qualifiers, where players (maybe even you!) will battle it out for a chance to prove their mettle and qualify for the National Finals. The top players from each country will then compete in their regional Finals. From there, winners will earn the right to fight in the StarCraft II World Championship Series, where they’ll strive to win amazing prizes and the title of World Champion.




Australia Qualifiers

10.06.12 ACL Melbourne Regionals 2 Qualifiers
07.07.12 ACL Melbourne Nationals 4 Qualifiers
01.07.12 ACL Brisbane Regionals 2 Qualifiers
03.06.12 ACL Sydney Regionals 2 Qualifiers
17.06.12 ACL Adelaide Regionals 2 Qualifiers
15.07.12 Perth RedFlag LAN #40 1 Qualifier
06.05.12 Perth Barcraft Star League #1 1 Qualifier
28.04.12 Australian Pro League 2 Qualifiers

Nationals/Oceania Finals

10-12 August 2012

Sydney, Australia

Prize Pool:
$10000 & $15000 USD

Number of Participants: 16

# of Oceania Final Slots: 6

Event Recap: Found here

Australia/Oceania Finals

Australia Nationals

Zerg: mOOnGLaDe, Mafia, PiG, Techtron, EdgE, tgun, Ninja

Protoss: Fustration, Legionnaire, Yang, BiGbiRd, Light

Terran: YoonYJ, iaguz, deth, Rossi


Oceania Finals

Zerg: mOOnGLaDe, Mafia, PiG, Tgun, Jazbas

Protoss: Light

Terran: YoonYJ, Knight

The event blog recap with results can be found here.


New Zealand




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