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RISK: StarCraft “Name Your Space” Sweepstakes Winner Announced

RISK: StarCraft “Name Your Space” Sweepstakes Winner Announced

Last month, the Blizzard community was given the opportunity to name a part of the Koprulu sector that will appear in the RISK: StarCraft board game. Today, we can reveal the name you’ve chosen to become one of the territories that will be fought over by the warring terran, protoss, and zerg!

The winning territory name to appear on the RISK: StarCraft board is ‘Hell’s Gates.’

Congratulations to the winning entry!  Along with this name becoming an official part of StarCraft lore, the winner will also receive a copy of the board game signed by the StarCraft II development team.

Keep an eye out for more news on the game as we get closer to its release this summer! RISK: StarCraft will be available in North American specialty stores for a suggested retail price of $49.95. The game can be played with 3-5 players ages 10+.

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