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A Historic Moment in eSports

A Historic Moment in eSports

At a recent press conference in Korea, Blizzard Entertainment, the Korea eSports Association (KeSPA), Ongamenet, and GomTV have announced a new partnership that promises to change the StarCraft II eSports landscape in Korea.

What does the agreement mean? Specifically, KeSPA now has a license to host and organize StarCraft II Pro League events, while Ongamenet can now host, organize, and broadcast StarCraft II Star League events. KeSPA has also added StarCraft II to its lineup of officially sanctioned games! GomTV will continue to broadcast its Global StarCraft League and Global StarCraft Team League as before.  

Top Brood War pro gamers will soon begin competing in pro StarCraft II competitions, and the new leagues will produce a vast array of new eSports content for viewers and more opportunities for pro players to compete. The influx of new talent holds the promise of even more fiercely competitive pro StarCraft II matches.

It all adds up to more eSports action than ever before, and you could be seeing your favorite players of Brood War fame clashing with GSL heroes on the big screen at your next BarCraft event.

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