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StarCraft II World Championship Series: Brazil Nationals

StarCraft II World Championship Series: Brazil Nationals

The StarCraft II World Championship Series event is arriving soon in Brazil: the Brazil Nationals. The battle between some of the best StarCraft II players in Brazil will take place in Rio de Janeiro on May 5th and 6th. The tournament will be fierce and will feature sixteen players in a fight to secure one of six slots for the continental South American Finals in São Paulo, Brazil. Check out the information below for some details on how to attend the event or watch the live stream!


National Brazilian Nationals

Coming Soon
Qualifiers 1 - 04.15.2012
Qualifiers 2 - CANCELLED
Qualifiers 3 - 04.19.2012
Qualifiers EXTRA - 04.21.2012
Qualifiers 4 - 04.22.2012
Qualifiers 5 - 04.27.2012

Nationals Finals Information

Partner: ESL

May 5 and 6

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prize Pool:

Number of Participants: 16

# of South American Slots: 6

Online Qualifiers Finalists
Akhee GameHelp Classificatórias 1
Levin GameHelp Classificatórias 1
Fortune Keyd Team Classificatórias 1
Tunico Keyd Team Classificatórias 3
Potiguar Keyd Team Classificatórias 3
Falk Angels of God Classificatórias 3
Shakti GameHelp Classificatórias 4
Despiron Sem Equipe Classificatórias 4
kelseN KeydTeam Classificatórias 4
AbuZerg Sem Equipe Classificatórias 4
Holly Keyd Team Classificatórias EXTRA
ToXiC Zerg Gosu Team Classificatórias EXTRA
coolZB Korean Style Classificatórias EXTRA
Naxx GameHelp Classificatórias 5
uNreal Keyd Team Classificatórias 5
coolZB Keyd Team Classificatórias 5

National Finals Event Details

Where: Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania.

Address: Avenida Barão de Tefé, 75 - Saúde, Rio de Janeiro.

Opening hours: Starting at 11:30 AM (-3 GMT)

Admission fee:

  • One kg of non-perishable food, donated at the entrance.

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