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WCS - Combined European National This Weekend

WCS - Combined European National This Weekend

The Combined European National, an important event in the StarCraft II World Championship Series, is set to take place in Cologne, Germany on June 23/24. If you'd like to take part in the World Championship Series but you’re not from one of the countries listed in the European overview, this could be your chance. Check the eligible countries below and sign up for one of the qualifiers. You could be one of the 16 players going through to the Combined European National, with a cash prize of $5,000 USD and two slots in the Europe Finals up for grabs.

See below for more information, including qualifier details and finalists. Nearer to the date, a link to a stream of the televised finals in the ESL TV Studio will also be available.

Combined European National


Combined European National Finals

5 May, 7:00 PM CEST: Qualifier #1 - ESL (4 slots)
9 May, 6:00 PM CEST: Qualifier #2 - ESL (4 slots)
12 May, 2:00 PM CEST: Qualifier #3 - ESL (4 slots)
16 May, 6:00 PM CEST: Qualifier #4 - ESL (4 slots)

Finals Information

June 23 – 24

Cologne, Germany

Prize Pool:

Number of Participants: 16

# of European Slots: 2

Qualifier Finalists
NightEnD fnatic Qualifier #1
sYz BLAST Qualifier #1
LoWeLy FXOpen Qualifier #1
PandaTank Mango Gaming Qualifier #1
biGs mousesports Qualifier #2
Arew TtESPORTS Qualifier #2
LionS ArroW Qualifier #2
Krr BLAST Qualifier #2
WuLvEraTe mYi Qualifier #3
Giantt NOM Qualifier #3
Megatronn Grow uP Gaming Qualifier #3
Fargo Infused Qualifier #3
monchi ESC Qualifier #4
xOni BEV Qualifier #4
Safa ROX Qualifier #4
ScReaM Pwnanza Qualifier #4
Eligible Countries
Austria Switzerland Romania
Czech Republic Hungary Bulgaria
Greece Turkey Portugal
Croatia Ireland Belarus
Slovakia Lithuania Serbia
Slovenia Iceland Estonia
Luxembourg Moldova Cyprus
Malta Bosnia and Herzegovina Macedonia
Georgia Armenia Monaco
Liechtenstein Andorra Albania
Montenegro San Marino Vatican City
Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Latvia
Israel South Africa Faroe Islands


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