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Game Guide: Terran Expansion Defense

Game Guide: Terran Expansion Defense

Terrans have very solid defenses once they've set up shop. Build a planetary fortress, add a few missile turrets for detection and anti-air defense, a bunker or two, and top it off with siege tank support. If the enemy concentrates fire on your planetary fortress, grab your SCVs and get repairin' to the tune of  Sweet Home Alabama.  Of course, even these defenses will not stop an all-out assault on your base, so be sure to judge carefully whether or not you have enough to hold the attack, and be sure to always keep up scouting.

A terran planetary fortress holds off a protoss assault.

This player set up a nice defense of a bunker and a missile turret. They routed the enemy and built another missile turret for additional base protection.

Some terran players set up a few bunkers as defense.

A terran uses 4 bunkers to defend an expansion.

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