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Game Guide: Terran Island Expansion

Game Guide: Terran Island Expansion

Terrans do not have to climb the tech tree in order to begin expansion operations on island maps; all you need is an SCV and enough minerals to build a command center. Once that's done, load up to five SCVs on the ol' neosteel saucer and fly over to a nearby resource node. Unload the SCVs, get some missile turrets up around the island's perimeter and begin collecting those precious crystals to further your war efforts.

Planetary fortresses are great deterrents for ground assaults. If the enemy attacks, grab all SCVs and effect repairs.

Two enemy terran vikings seek to plunder an island expansion. The planetary fortress makes them aware of their folly while SCVs repair the armored neosteel structure.


  • Upgrade to a planetary fortress if you expect any kind of ground assault (drops, nydus worms, stalkers, vikings). Remember, planetary fortresses cannot lift-off.
  • Load SCVs onto the command center before heading off to an island. This way you can start building perimeter defenses the moment you land.
  • Begin mining operations immediately, more resources means you get more units and higher tech faster!


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