MLG Spring Arena 2

MLG Spring Arena 2

This weekend will kick off Major League Gaming's second Spring Arena. These 32 players fought tooth-and-nail through regional qualifiers to earn a spot here, and this is going to be their last chance to earn a spot straight into Pool Play at the MLG Spring Championship in MLG Anaheim.

For more information about where and when to watch, check out the MLG Spring Arena 2 Broadcast Schedule. Inside, you'll find details on what kind of high-quality video purchasing options are available to enhance your viewing experience.

If you'd like more information about the event than you can shake a mouse at, head over to the MLG Spring Arena 2 Liquipedia Page, or check out the MLG SA 2 Landing Page on Team Liquid. You can also brush up on some of the lesser-known players at this event in this article written by Team Liquid's NrGmonk, tree.hugger, and Ver.

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