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WCS - USA Nationals

WCS - USA Nationals

The United States’ top StarCraft II players faced off in the StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) USA Nationals at the MLG Spring Championship. These players battled through online qualifiers, tournaments, and the ladder to earn the right to fight at the Nationals, and the best of the best fought for the honor of representing their country at the North America Finals, as well as a share of the $30,000 prize pool.

The WCS USA Nationals were held at the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA on the weekend of June 8 to June 10, where the MLG Pro Circuit Spring Championship also occurred. All the VoDs from the WCS USA Nationals event are now available at

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National Finals Information

Partner: MLG

Date: June 8-10

Location: Anaheim, California

Prize Pool: $30,000

Number of Participants: 64

# of Finals Slots: 16

Qualifier Finalists
Daisuki   Playhem
Insur Infinity Seven Playhem
hellokitty   Beyond Gaming
Illusion Quantic Gaming MLG
Mystik CheckSix Gaming Playhem
RaNgeD NewRoSoft Playhem
Goswser compLexity Beyond Gaming
Fitzyhere ROOT gaming CSL
Hawk Quantic Gaming MLG
NonY Team Liquid MLG
Perfect CheckSix Gaming Beyond Gaming
State Quantic Gaming IPL
Suppy CheckSix Gaming Beyond Gaming
Theognis Quantic Gaming MLG
SirRobin aiR Beyond Gaming
Sasquatch Convergence Gaming Beyond Gaming
LzGaMeR EG Beyond Gaming
Future Flow Beyond Gaming
STX It's GoSu eSports Beyond Gaming
Bubbles It's GoSu eSports Beyond Gaming
Glon vVv Beyond Gaming
Box   Beyond Gaming
Sonata FlowGaming CSL
SniXSniPe   CSL
SethN Impressive Play CSL
Power   CSL
BoonrebU Hugs and Kisses CSL
Tbeezy Monomaniac eSports CSL
Caliber LighT eSports CSN
Anfield Monomaniac eSports Playhem
binski LighT eSports Playhem
Boyo Team Epidemic Playhem
Siphonn FlowGaming Playhem
Pyre Infinity Seven Playhem
Avilo Team Legion Playhem
xiLith   Playhem
Eifer Team Fallacy Playhem
Sonic EverFrag Playhem
Ver CheckSix Gaming Playhem
Agh Quantic Gaming IPL
Destiny ROOT gaming IPL
iNcontroL EG IPL
KawaiiRice LighT eSports IPL
Machine EG IPL
Minigun compLexity IPL
Heavens LighT eSports MLG
Pokebunny It's GoSu eSports MLG
TriMaster compLexity MLG
giX Legion MLG
Axslav Infinity Seven NASL
CrunCher incredible Panic NASL
Gatored It's GoSu eSports NASL
qxc compLexity NASL
Sheth Team Liquid NASL
Shew Clash Ladder
Puck Convergence Gaming Ladder
YaTa It's GoSu eSports Ladder
Gimix   Ladder
Spades   IPL


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