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Game Guide: Terran Planetary Fortress Rush

Game Guide: Terran Planetary Fortress Rush

This strategy developed during the beta phase. To attempt it (at your own risk), you'll need to find your opponent as quickly as possible while building the prerequisites of the planetary fortress. When everything is set, load your SCVs on your command center, lift-off, and fly to the enemy base. Once there, land as close as you can to your opponent's structures and begin the planetary fortress upgrade. Use your SCVs to repair your command center and hope its twin ibiks cannon manages to cripple or destroy your enemy. Defeat is almost guaranteed if you lose the command center, but it is really funny when it succeeds.

Scouting is key to prevent this from happening. If you spot a command center flying in, take one of your workers or combat units, and move underneath the structure to block its landing zone. If it manages to land, try to rebuild your main base outside of the range of the planetary fortress. If you are playing terran, you can simply lift-off and fly away to one of the expansions and resume your mining operations.

Remember, it's always bad news when you arrive at the enemy's base and discover that the command center went out for a cruise.

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