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Game Guide: Protoss Offensive Building

Game Guide: Protoss Offensive Building

Protoss players can build pylons near enemy bases or across the map to warp-in units close to the front lines.

Pylon in the middle of the map to warp-in units or scout for enemy advances.

Pylon being built to warp-in units near the enemy base.

Protoss players can use photon cannons to apply pressure to enemy bases. This tactic is called a cannon rush. It is also possible to build production structures near enemy bases to more quickly get units into the fray. For example, the two gate proxy zealot rush is a common, albeit risky, all-in tactic on maps where you already know where your opponent spawns. Build your first pylon close to the enemy base and follow up with two gateways. Then, chrono boost your gateways to train zealots faster and use them to attack your opponent. There is a variant of this tactic that uses void rays instead of zealots, and involves proxy stargates to minimize travel time for your air units.

This protoss player builds two gateways outside the enemy base, eventually resulting in a win.

Another protoss player sneaks a gateway outside an enemy base.

A protoss player sneaks a starport and starts building void rays.

During a tournament match, a player places his first gateways outside the enemy ramp. His units proceed to out fight the enemy and make way into the base; securing victory.

Hidden gateways outside an enemy protoss base.

A protoss player builds a gateway outside an enemy base.

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