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Game Guide: Protoss Ramp Defense

Game Guide: Protoss Ramp Defense

The protoss have a very solid ramp defense. They can use structures, photon cannons, or sentries with force field. It is also possible to wall-in.

The protoss player uses photon cannons to defend the ramp.

Zealots and photon cannons await an attack.

The Forge Fast Expand
The standard opening build against zerg, the forge fast expand (FFE), is a specific type of ramp defense that allows protoss players to expand early and keep pace with their zerg opponents. Place your first pylon so its power field covers the entire choke point of your natural expansion, but leave space in front of it to place structures. Build a forge around 14 psi, then construct a nexus in your natural at roughly 17 psi. When the forge is completed, build a photon cannon behind it and complete your wall-in with a gateway. This build will allow you to expand almost as quickly as a zerg player and to upgrade your units early, in preparation for the later stages of the game.

Some players may choose to place their nexus before their forge, roughly at 15 psi, to speed up their economy. This is not advisable on small maps where zerglings could potentially reach your base before the photon cannon is operational.


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