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Game Guide: Protoss Drops

Game Guide: Protoss Drops

The warp prism is an air unit that can ferry troops across the battlefield and deploy them into the heart of enemy positions. These are a few units you can potentially drop behind enemy lines to cause some damage:

  • Zealots are a cheap way to harass your opponent's expansions or resource lines, as they only cost minerals.
  • Sentries can employ force fields to box the workers in and keep enemy units at bay. You can also try a full base raid (provided you lure the enemy forces out first) by blocking the main base ramp with force fields and then warping in or dropping troops inside.
  • High templar can cause a lot of damage if dropped behind an unsuspecting mineral line, especially in pairs. Just cast psionic storms on the workers and enjoy the fireworks. As an added bonus, you can use warp prisms to keep your high templar mobile and safe from the enemy. For example, a terran opponent cannot EMP high templar when they are inside the warp prism. If you need a storm, drop the templars on a safe spot (but in range of the enemy army), and cast it immediately.


A protoss player drops two immortals.

Player drops two immortals. They destroyed an add-on and a supply depot before being forced to retreat.

The same player drops again and kills a MULE and several SCVs before retreating.

A player drops a high templar and casts psionic storm on the enemy SCVs, killing some of them.


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