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Game Guide: Protoss Chrono Boost

Game Guide: Protoss Chrono Boost

To improve your protoss playstyle, you'll need to learn to manage chrono boost effectively. This is a an ability you can cast from the nexus, and it allows you speed up unit training and upgrade research.

Hotkey all your nexus to the same control group
Remember to add every nexus you build to a single control group (CTRL + 8, for example). Then, when you need to use chrono boost, press the hotkey 8 to select them all. This will allow you to cast this ability in quick succession, taking advantage of every nexus you own. Chrono boost can be used to:

  • Speed up probe building — Protoss players usually cast a couple chrono boosts on their nexus early in the game to jumpstart their economy.
  • Speed up early production — If you're rushing the enemy, chrono boost on your gateway, or gateways, will allow you to shorten production times, yielding more units to attack your opponent with.
  • Speed up construction of high tech units — Building carriers or void rays? Perhaps a mothership? Make sure you use chrono boost to hasten the process.
  • Speed up research — There are many useful upgrades that you can speed up, like warp gates, blink, damage/armor upgrades, and so forth, in order to gain the upper hand. Some of these could even give you a timing window for an attack of opportunity.

Make sure you learn to recognize the graphic that indicates chrono boost is active in one of your structures, that way you'll know when it wears off in order to cast it again.

Try to never let your nexus sit at full energy. Use your chrono boost whenever you're training units or researching upgrades.

Someone speeds up their warp gate upgrade in the cybernetics core.

After being rushed, a protoss player speeds up his gateways using chrono boost.

A protoss player speeds up probe production.

Two gateways boosted to train zealots faster.


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