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Game Guide: Zerg: Base Defense

Game Guide: Zerg: Base Defense

Zerg players don't typically defend the ramps leading to their bases with buildings like terran and protoss players. Zerg need comparatively few buildings, so spending unnecessary money to block off your ramp early game can dramatically cut into your drone production and slow your development. Instead, defending as a zerg player is all about knowing when to make units. Zerglings and queens (with baneling support) can hold off most early-game attacks as long as you’re prepared. The larva mechanic is a double-edged sword for zerg: they can produce a large number of units or drones simultaneously, but they cannot create large numbers of both until more larva spawn – so it’s important to scout and ensure you’re making the right production choices at the right time.

You want to constantly scout with your first few zerglings and overlords, and make sure you always hold any Xel’Naga Watchtowers available on a map. Spotting an incoming attack (and preparing for it) is the best defense.

For this reason, zerg players frequently rely on queens with spine crawler support to ward off early attacks. Queens do not require larva to produce, and can spawn larvae and spread creep – so they aren’t a wasted investment if no enemy attacks are forthcoming. Spine crawlers are extremely durable, high-damaging static defense. Two or three spine crawlers and queens can serve to defend against early-game pressure, at least buying you time to build zerglings or roaches.

A spine crawler convinces the enemy to leave.

A zerg player holds off a protoss attack off with spine crawlers.

A zerg player scares off several attacks with a row of spine crawlers.

A zerg player spreads creep along the map using creep tumors.

4 spine crawlers scare off enemy attacks.

An overlord generates creep, while spine crawlers defend a chokepoint.

Spine Crawlers defend a base.

Spine Crawler Pushes
Spine crawlers can be moved forward to attack as long as there’s creep for them to root on.

A Zerg player moves inside an enemy base with creep and spine crawlers. 

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