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Game Guide: Zerg: Baneling Tips

Game Guide: Zerg: Baneling Tips

Main Baneling Unit Page

The baneling is a very powerful area-of-effect unit, best deployed against groups of light targets like marines and zerglings. When engaging a group of enemies with banelings, it’s a good idea to use the move command (right-click) rather than attack-move, as the latter can give your opponent an opportunity to lead your banelings at a tiny group of stragglers rather than their main force.

When you attack an enemy group with banelings, attempt to detonate them in the center of a large force. Baneling AoE damage emanates from the baneling in a circular radius, not from the enemy you’ve hit.

Baneling Tips

The baneling can be extremely potent when used against terran players, and it is often useful against zerg players if they invest heavily in zerglings.

  • Banelings deal additional damage to light units; build them if you know that your opponent is fielding a large number of light units. Stop creating banelings if your opponent begins heavy production on armored units such as roaches or marauders.
  • You can use groups of banelings to break through a wall made of structures, but be certain that you have enough forces to capitalize on the opening you’ve made. Sacrificing several banelings to take down a few supply depots is definitely not worth it if you do not do any additional damage to your enemy’s base.
  • Be careful not to invest too heavily in banelings if you need a higher-tier unit that requires gas. Using all your vespene for banelings can be fun, but it also means less gas saved up for units like mutalisks or infestors.
  • With the burrow ability, you can set up ambushes for unwary opponents. Banelings can detonate while underground for full damage!
  • Use the hold position command to prevent enemies from running a few fast units up against your banelings in an attempt to pop them safely.
  • Banelings move faster on creep!
  • Make sure you get the centrifugal hooks speed upgrade if you plan on making lots of banelings later on in the game. You don’t want your banelings to die on the way to their impact!



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