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Game Guide: Zerg: Queen Tips

Game Guide: Zerg: Queen Tips

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Queens are extremely important zerg units. Not only are they the only early anti-air zerg unit, they possess abilities that are integral to playing zerg successfully.


Spawn Larva:

Spawn Larva is the most economically critical of the queen’s three abilities. When used on a hatchery, spawn larva generates four additional larvae at your hatchery after 40 seconds. Up to nineteen larvae can be ‘banked’ at once (per hatchery).

  • Learning the duration of this ability and casting it the instant it is available is crucial to playing zerg to their utmost potential. Doing so will maximize your production capability – letting you first build up your worker count to provide a booming economy quickly and then produce an army in the blink of an eye. Regularly check each of your hatcheries to track the progress of the current spawn larva effect. As soon as larvae fly off the hatchery, be ready to refresh the effect for maximum efficiency. To keep spawn larva effects consistent, you’ll want 1 queen for each base you have. If you foresee an early air attack, prepare with spore crawlers and extra queens. Your queens will often be a high-priority target when your base is attacked.

  • Be careful when using the queen’s other abilities. As a general rule of thumb, you should never be out of energy to cast spawn larva. Use other abilities when you get behind on spawn larva or really need an initial creep tumor for connecting bases or moving spine crawler defenses forward.

  • You can bind all your queens to a single hotkey, click your hatcheries on the minimap, and use spawn larva with the "V" hotkey. The game will automatically activate the closest queen with enough energy to spawn larvae on a hatchery.

Spawn Creep Tumor:

This ability creates a tumor that generates creep in a radial fashion – and each tumor can create another tumor (on creep). Use this ability to leapfrog from tumor to tumor and spread creep everywhere!

  • Since zerg ground units move faster on creep, having a good amount of creep between your bases will help you defend them easier. Immense volumes of creep can help you to avoid psi storms or surround large units like colossi.
  • One of the first things you should always do is link your base to your natural expansion with creep. Players will often create additional queens immediately after their first ones in order to have queens dedicated to spreading creep, connecting your bases immediately. This way, if your opponent drops your main base or runs by with speedy units like hellions, you will be able to get all of your queens together to defend. Queens move extremely slowly off of creep, so you need to make sure that you never let them wander off. If you can’t dedicate the extra minerals to produce a third or fourth queen, you can skip your first larva inject to place the initial tumor. Odds are you won’t need that many larva so early on, as you won’t be able to afford to produce from all of them.
  • Creep tumors can be useful for attacking an opponent with your defensive structures. First, use your nydus network to create an exit near your opponent. Load a queen along with some drones in the nydus worm, and use spawn creep tumor to start making spine crawlers. Extend your creep closer to the enemy, then uproot your spine crawlers and walk them toward your opponent.

This ability heals an allied unit.

  • Transfusion is useful on expensive units like brood lords, ultralisks and other queens, as well as key buildings that have sustained damage (spine crawlers, hatcheries, etc). Transfusion’s heal is significant – it can revive units on the brink of death. When under attack by air units like banshees or phoenixes, a single transfusion can mean the difference between saving your queens from death and losing several drones after they die.


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