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Game Guide: Zerg: Zergling Tips

Game Guide: Zerg: Zergling Tips

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Zerglings are useful in nearly every matchup due to their speed and high attack rate, especially once upgraded.

  • Metabolic Boost dramatically increases zergling movement speed.
    • This upgrade is a must-have for zergling users. It allows you to raid bases (by attacking through backdoors or running past defenders), surround groups of enemy units quickly, and catch escaping units or fast harassing units (hellions, reapers, stalkers, etc).

    • When battling against zerg players, acquiring this upgrade before an opponent who is also creating zerglings will give your ‘lings a tremendous advantage until the other player is able to catch up. Later on, upgraded zerglings will continue to be an effective way to deny enemy base expansion.

    • Zerglings with the metabolic boost upgrade are very effective against protoss armies in the middle stages of a game. At this stage in the game, players are likely to be emphasizing stalkers, sentries, and immortals – and faster zerglings are much more effective than roaches against such an army. When protoss players begin fielding large numbers of colossi or high templars, speed-enhanced zerglings tend to lose their effectiveness in normal engagements (but they can still be deadly in counter–attacks). In a massive battle, it’s a good idea to hold a force of upgraded zerglings waiting in ambush. Once the protoss forces engage your main force, run your zerglings in to prevent their escape and attack their weaker units.

    • Surrounding enemy units is crucial to fighting terran players effectively. To combat marines and hellions, you want to ensure that you have the maximum number of Zerglings attacking individual targets at once. If you decide to research metabolic boost, purchase and utilize it as early as possible, as zerglings with this upgrade are most effective when your opponent’s units are few in number.

    • Against ranged units, metabolic boost allows zerglings to 'close the gap' to melee range fast enough to avoid dying to marines or stalkers.

    • If your opponent is relying on slower defending units (such as zealots), it can be extremely effective to attack one part of their base, and then move to another part of the base when their defenders are within combat range.

  • The Adrenal Glands upgrade increases attack speed.
    • This upgrade can be extremely effective if you are using zerglings in the late-game. Zerglings with adrenal glands and fully-upgraded melee attacks can do a tremendous amount of damage.


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