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Campaigning on the Go

Campaigning on the Go

The new provides a wide array of features, and we want to make sure our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players know just how campaign progress storage works. We’ve seen a few questions on our forums about what to do if one wants to play on different computers, say between home and work or school. When logging into after loading up the game, much of your campaign progress is automatically restored from our servers. We want to give our players the necessary tools to easily continue Jim Raynor’s fight from anywhere without having to carry around a USB stick of save files -- though saving mid-mission save files to your collector’s edition dog tags can still come in handy!

If you’re logging into StarCraft II on a different computer and have previously progressed through a portion of the single-player campaign, you’ll be able to select Continue Campaign and pick up right after the last mission you completed. Campaign progress is stored for you on as part of your character profile and includes all missions completed, tech and research upgrade choices made, mercenaries purchased, and Achievements unlocked prior to the most recent mission completion or branching mission choice made.  

And that brings us to what is stored locally on your machine -- the aforementioned mid-mission save files. If you want to revert back to a specific save point in the campaign on a computer different from the one you used to originally save your progress, you’ll need to physically or virtually transport your save files. This should only be necessary if you wish to continue the campaign on a separate computer, but do not have Internet access and must choose the Play Offline option. These files are generally located within the StarCraft II folder in the Documents directory of most operating systems. You can copy your campaign save files from within the Accounts folder to a portable storage device, or upload them via email in order to transport as needed.

The upshot of all this is that with the new cloud file storage system on, you usually shouldn’t need to carry any save files with you to continue where you left off in the campaign. Don’t forget to check out the campaign guide here.

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