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NASL Marathon: Catch Up Before the Grand Finals!

NASL Marathon: Catch Up Before the Grand Finals!

The NASL Grand Finals are just under two weeks away, and now that it's been whittled down to eight players it’s easy to pick a favorite or two to root for. But how did these players get to the finals? If you’ve missed some of NASL Season 3 they’ve got you covered this week as they’re running a marathon of each player’s games as casters provide insight into their journey. Be sure to tune in!

The North American Starleague has always promised one thing above all else: great games, and lots of ‘em. After an intense season and a nailbiting playoff, nearly three months since it began, the eight competitors in the Season 3 Grand Finals have been determined. EG’s PuMa and HuK, Liquid’s HerO and Ret, SK’s MC, SlayerS’ Puzzle and Alicia, and Millenium’s Stephano: each with their own journey to the finals, and with a trail of decisive victories behind them.

Because these stories are so exciting, NASL is offering you one more chance to catch the action to get you ready for the Grand Finals. Every day until next Wednesday they’ll be broadcasting a marathon of each qualified player’s games throughout the season, alongside caster insight commenting on their rise to the top. So if you missed anything, you’ll be able to catch yourself up in time to watch it all come to an end at the Season 3 Grand Finals July 14-15.

Each broadcast begins at 6:00 PM PDT at


Tuesday, July 3 – Liquid`Ret
Wednesday, July 4 – Mil.Stephano
Thursday, July 5 – SK.MC
Friday, July 6 – SlayerS_Alicia
Saturday, July 7 – EG.HuK
Sunday, July 8 - EG.PuMa
Monday, July 9 – Liquid`HerO
Tuesday, July 10 – SlayerS_Puzzle
Wednesday, July 11 – 25-Hour Post Season Marathon

Be sure to check out or follow @NASLtv for all the updates!

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