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WCS - Canada Nationals

WCS - Canada Nationals

The WCS Canada Nationals, hosted by the North American Star League happened July 14-15. Thirty-two of Canada’s best qualified to compete, and battled it out to see who among them would represent their country at the North American Finals.

The Canada Nationals were hosted by NASL and streamed on their website, with the matches scheduled alongside the main North American Star League matches and the CSL Canadian Championship. They were cast throughout the tournament by Day[9], MrBitter, RotterdaM, Gretorp, Frodan, iNcontroL, and IdrA. In addition, there was a French stream largely dedicated to WCS, cast by Kadium and Elemental. In addition, Clutch – the host of the MLG Pro Circuit – emceed the main stage.

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National Finals Information

Partner: NASL

Date: July 14-15

Location: Toronto, Canada

Number of Participants: 32

# of Finals Slots: 10

Qualifier Finalists
ANda   Playhem Last Chance Qualifier #2
Attero Team Dynamic Qualifier #1
Chobittsu   Playhem Last Chance Qualifier #1
dde It's Gosu eSports NASL
Ddoro Quantic Gaming MLG
Dime   CSL
Drewbie ROOT gaming CSL
DuSteR   IPL
FireZerg Cyber Gaming LANcouver 2012 Qualifier
Fuzzy Qualifier #5
Hendralisk   CSL
HuK Evil Geniuses NASL
HyperDesi   Beyond Gaming Qualifier #3
Imagine Cyber Gaming Beyond Gaming Qualifier #2
JakeBake 4Nothing Gaming Qualifier #6
jEcho Infinity Seven MLG
Kane Qualifier #2
KoMA   Playhem Qualifier #3
KsJig   Playhem Qualifier #1
Magic Qualifier #8
Mkengyn CheckSix Gaming CSL
Nezi Qualifier #4
Nova   Beyond Gaming Qualifier #1
Ostojiy It's Gosu eSports MLG
Ryze compLexity Gaming Qualifier #7
Scarlett Team Acer IPL
Slush ROOT gaming IPL
Stalife LighT eSports IPL
TT1 ROOT gaming NASL
Tubbythefat Latest and Greatest Gaming MLG
TygA   Playhem Qualifier #2
Zergling xO-Gaming Qualifier #3

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