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WCS – Singapore and Southeast Asia Recap

WCS – Singapore and Southeast Asia Recap

More than 60 players from across Singapore made their way to the heart of the city to compete for a spot in the StarCraft II World Championship Series Singapore Nationals on July 28. Sixteen players moved on to fight for the honor of being their country’s representative in the upcoming WCS Asia Continentals.

In addition to the Singapore Nationals, four players also flew in to compete for the Southeast Asia Finals, where two finalists will represent Philippines and Thailand for StarCraft II glory.

Day 1

Players and spectators were excited to be able to meet and compete against each other in person, sharing anecdotes and playing heated matches to celebrate StarCraft II’s second anniversary.

The clear favorite in the competition was Marcus “Flash.Revz” Tan – who, prior to this competition, spent a month in Seoul, South Korea to train inside the Fnatic House. This experience provided him with top-notch sparring partners such as Rain, aLive, and ByuL, elevating his level of gameplay a notch (or more) against his peers. Local eSports followers might find his name familiar, as he used to represent Singapore in Warcraft III as “Revenant” – a highly competitive Undead player. His personal goal for the tournament sent a strong message of self-confidence – he wanted to win the entire thing… without dropping a single map.

Bryan “nirvAnA” Choo, considered an “old-schooler” in the Singapore StarCraft community, came out of retirement to train for the WCS. A staple name in the community as the main man behind, nirvAnA easily progressed to the round of 16 despite his self-proclaimed “rusty” play.

Another notable name to come to the competition was Ivy “Polaris” Chiu – the only female competitor at the event and a fierce Grandmaster League player in the SEA ladder. She fell in a tight ZvZ battle against Ryan “Kyzer” Low, another favorite in the competition, in the round of 32.

Day 2

Singapore Nationals
With only 16 players left, the competition continued to heat up.  Flash.Revz led the way and easily took down two SEA player mainstays: Sweet and CVSBinu. However, his personal goal of not dropping a single map was shot when CVSBinu managed to take one of the games, much to the surprise of the spectators. Nevertheless, the player formerly known as Revenant quickly moved across the brackets and was set to face ProAnn in the quarterfinals.

Jason “EVE.Yekke” Chan started to work his way through the competition, eliminating strong contenders such as Flash.Kyzer and nirvAnA. He faced Flash.Rev in the Winner Bracket final and fell 1:2 – but came back up after winning against another Flash player, Kyzer.

Revenant’s skill and consistent training really shone through in the end, as he defeated Yekke the second time around – and this time, he made sure that it was a clean sweep.

Southeast Asia Open
Four players who came out victorious in their respective regional online qualifiers flew in to Singapore to battle for two spots for the Asia Continentals -- Caviar “Mski.BENQ.Stellar” Acampado and Paolo “Mski.BENQ.Jabito” from the Philippines, Thanapol “MiTH.RedArchon” Kuachat from Thailand, and Soon Hua “Duskbin.Cobo” Tan from Malaysia.

A bad draw for the Philippine representatives forced teammates Stellar and Jabito to face each other in the first round. Stellar emerged triumphant and ended up facing a familiar opponent, RedArchon, who he has competed against many times in the past. RedArchon’s terran tactics allowed him to take down Stellar with a clean 2-0 score, pushing him down to the lower bracket, where he again had to face his own teammate (Jabito) after eliminating Cobo from the tournament.

With strengthened resolve, Stellar came back and managed to defeat RedArchon in two sets with a 2-1 and 2-0 score, claiming the title of WCS Southeast Asia Open champion!


Please join us in congratulating Flash.Revz from Singapore, Mski.Stellar from the Philippines, and MiTH.RedArchon from Thailand who will represent Southeast Asia in the upcoming StarCraft II World Championship Series Asia Finals!


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