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Heart of the Swarm Battle Report #3

Heart of the Swarm Battle Report #3

At MLG Anaheim, Day[9] and Rob Simpson gave you a sneak peek at Heart of the Swarm through two Battle Reports that showcased the terran vs. zerg and protoss vs. zerg matchups. On Monday August 13 -- during Day[9]’s “Funday Monday” time slot -- we brought you the third Battle Report, featuring a terran vs. protoss match on a brand new map!

You asked for it, so Rob and Day[9] are back to give you a taste of what terran vs. protoss might look like in the expansion. Note that as the game is still in development, everything you see may be subject to change. Even so, it should give you a good idea of what the game may feel like once you get your hands on the beta in the near future. 

The Battle Report was broadcast on Monday, August 13, during the Day[9] Daily -- Day[9]’s daily edutainment show where he teaches you to “Be a Better Gamer” by analyzing StarCraft II replays and strategies. His stream can be found at If you missed it, or just want to watch the Battle Report again, you can find it at the following links:


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