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WCS - Mexico Nationals Recap

WCS - Mexico Nationals Recap

On August 3 – 4, the top 32 Mexican players gathered in the heart of their country to battle for one of six places that will advance onto the North American Finals. These players fought their way through three local qualifiers events held in prominent convention centers in the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City.

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Day one
The Expo Reforma convention center in Mexico City opened its doors at 11:00 a.m., and the crowds began to arrive. Even though the event took place in Mexico City, many players, along with family members and friends, came from different states. The stage was set and the shoutcasters were prepped to narrate what local players would consider to be the first and biggest StarCraft II event in Mexico.

The bracket was full of skilled players such as Jimrising, Wzp, Mvp, Dark, Pain, Cham, Cloud and Secret, but among them were two players that everyone was talking about: Major and Maker. Maker is well-known for winning the World Cyber Games Mexico 2011, and participating in several online tournaments against famous players all over the world. Major is also well known internationally as far back as Brood War. Playing as GosiTerran, he won various StarCraft II tournaments, including Blizzard’s Latin America Invitational 2011 and many TeamLiquid events. He is also the only Latin American player that has qualified for TSL4 so far.

A multidãoA multidãoA multidão

The first game on-stage was between Dark and Pain, and it was not only intensely anticipated because it was the first matchup, but also because these two players are brothers. Dark quickly settled the sibling rivalry, though, and sent his brother to the loser bracket with a 2-0 score.

Maker then worked his way through the winners bracket undefeated until he found himself against Major. Their game ended with Maker being sent to the lower bracket along with Dark and Zapo, his previous opponents, and Maker defeated them again 2-0 in each game. Jimrising was also building momentum in the upper bracket with 2-0 scores, sending Zapo to the lower bracket in the process. By the end of the day it was clear that Major and Jimrising had dominated the upper bracket.

 The Finals
The finalists were tense, speculating about the upcoming games. This day would determine who would move on to qualify for the WCS North America Finals; so they took every opportunity they had to practice.

In the lower bracket Cloud eliminated opponents such as Wzp and Mvp, but was defeated by  Zapo. Zapo, on the other hand, also had his victory streak cut short upon confronting Maker.

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Adjutant cosplayer in attendance to cheer on their favorite player.

Jimrising fought a hard battle to land a spot in the winners bracket, but Major bumped him down where he confronted Maker and was defeated  2-1. His loss earned him 3rd place in the tournament, and to no surprise for avid fans, Major and Maker would take the stage again to duke it out for the first place!

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Maker vs Major the final match!
Both terran players came face to face once again, and with the crowd cheering nonstop the first match was quickly underway. Major started with a mech strategy while Maker was going for bio. After fighting back and forth, both players went for a base trade, but Major came out as the victor.

The second match was on Ohana, and far more intense. Both began with the same barracks to expansion opening, but Major went mech once again. As Major was about to attack with everything, including a great part of his workers, Maker did a double bio drop leaving him with one base - and sacrificing his whole army. Major then committed to a decisive push that left Maker with no choice but to say GG!

Congratulations Major, the 1st place winner of the México Nationals! He, along with Maker, Zapo, CLOUD, Dark and Jimrising will go to Raleigh to represent México in the WCS North America Finals on August 24 –26.

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