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Patch 1.5 -- Tips for Custom Game Creators

Patch 1.5 -- Tips for Custom Game Creators

With Patch 1.5.0, we’ve got many new features and functions for you to enjoy. For custom game creators specifically, there are several easy steps you can take to make the most of the new StarCraft II Arcade.

Choose your Type and Genre

  • Game creators now define which basic type best fits their game: StarCraft II or Arcade.
  • Game creators have a comprehensive menu of genres to choose from, and this means that players can more easily find the games they are looking for.
  • Games published prior to Patch 1.5 are still available. All pre-patch user-created games are defaulted to Arcade, under the “Other” genre.
  • Game creators can re-save their game in the 1.5.0 StarCraft II client, and then select the Type and Genre where they want to their game to appear.

Spruce up your game

  • Add an icon image through the StarCraft II Editor. It’s the first thing players see, and a great opportunity to make a first impression on potential players.
  • Edit Game Info through the StarCraft II Editor. This is where players learn about your game and see what it has to offer. At a minimum, you’ll want to provide a complete Description, easy to understand How-to-Play Instructions, and your best screenshots.
  • Take it a step further and create customized images for Game Info. Examples include: a diagram of game controls, a simple guide map of the play area, and pictures of game elements in action.
  • Set up a default mode
  • From the Game Info page, there’s a big “PLAY” button that most players will use to get into your game. This creates or joins a public lobby based on the default mode you defined for your game. This means you’ll likely want to set the default to what you consider your “core” game experience.
  • Alternatively, some games require the players to set up gameplay parameters after they load into the match. That can work well, but it’s always recommended to make the setup process as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.
  • Build a Tutorial
  • Tutorials are a powerful way to introduce new players. Ideally, this is where you’ll give players a smooth introduction to game mechanics in a fail-safe environment and teach them everything they need to know to have fun before they start playing your main game mode. 
  • Tutorials can also be built in ways that allow players to use them as a practice mode.
  • To use the Tutorial feature, first publish the Tutorial map to Then you can configure your main game to point to the Tutorial. 

What other tips and tricks for custom game creators do you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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