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Collegiate Starleague Season 6: Bigger and Better

Collegiate Starleague Season 6: Bigger and Better

The Collegiate Starleague is back for its sixth season, and it looks to be the best yet. Over 240 schools participated in Season 5 of the CSL, and live competitions were held all across the country for the first time. This year, the CSL will have more teams, more events, thousands of dollars in prizes, and two divisions: competitive and recreational. There’s no better way to meet fellow StarCraft II players, hone your skills, and play competitive StarCraft II against your rivals.

The Collegiate Starleague began in 2009 with only 25 schools. Last year’s Season 5 saw more than 240 colleges across North America competing against each other for the honor and glory of being the intercollegiate champion, and the league is still growing. Teams are divided into regional divisions and play against each other each week. After divisional play concludes, inter-divisional play and local LAN events determine which teams will make the playoffs. The winner of each regional playoff is invited to compete in the live Grand Finals, which were held in Orlando, Florida last season. In addition, students involved in CSL were eligible to apply for the Duran Parsi Excellence in ESPORTS Scholarship, which awards two continuing undergraduates a $1,000 per year academic contribution, and CSL players earned qualification to participate in the World Championship Series.

If you go to a major four-year university anywhere in the United States or Canada, your school probably already has a CSL team or eSports Club, and if not it’s easy to start one! It only takes five people to register for the Recreational Division, and healthy competition is the best motivator to get practicing. Some of North America’s most promising rising stars like Ostojiy, Fitzyhere, EG’s newest recruit Suppy, and established pro-gamers like KawaiiRice and qxc, are all CSL alumni. Even Day[9] competed in CSL back in the day!

The new season is going to get started at the end of September, so you’ve still got time to get involved. To find out more about the league and to see if your school has a registered team, visit the CSL’s official website.

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