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Arcade Highlight: Snipers Promod by GizmoPT

Arcade Highlight: Snipers Promod by GizmoPT

Ready to suit up, grab a C-10 Canister Rifle, and wreck your enemies in fast, fun, capture the flag action? Look no further! This week’s map spotlight is all about Snipers Promod by GizmoPT (published by HaZardous in the US region), a capture the flag themed map that hearkens back to the classic sniper maps of yore. You take on the role of a Ghost (you can also play as a Spectre, or unlock other skins) to sneak across the map as part of a team to capture the opposing team’s flag.

Beware! There are mines, detectors, and a whole team of enemy sharpshooting snipers barring your way. It’s a fearsome gauntlet, but fortune favors the bold: should you fall, you can re-spawn to jump back into the battle. Score kills or capture flags to earn points that you can spend on tools or life-saving decoys to ruin your opponent’s day.

Check it out in the featured section of the Arcade!

Tip: To unlock the camera once you’re in-game, just press the ‘z’ key.

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