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WCS Korea Nationals - Three Rise To the Top

WCS Korea Nationals - Three Rise To the Top

After more than two weeks of grueling competition, the World Championship Series (WCS) South Korea Nationals are finally coming to a close. The Grand Finals will determine who will advance to the World Championship Series Asia Finals to be held October 13-14 in Shanghai, China. The winner of the WCS South Korea Nationals will take home his share of a $25,980 prize pool as well as a direct seed to the 2012 World Championship taking place later this fall. As the Nationals come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the past few weeks:


The WCS South Korea Nationals featured 32 of the country’s top StarCraft players. Sixteen of the tournament competitors qualified via the Open Preliminaries which featured some of the world’s top pro-gaming talent. Hundreds of hopefuls competed in the qualifiers including some of the biggest names in StarCraft II, including Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee, Ji-Sung 'Bomber' Choi, Dong Nyung 'Leenock' Lee,  and Jin-Young 'JYP' Park.  The 16 qualified players were joined by 10 top Global Star League players and six Korea e-Sports Association invitees to compete in the main event.

One of the most exciting stories to come out of the WCS South Korea Nationals was the introduction of the KeSPA players to the StarCraft II scene. This was one of the first tournaments to give audiences a chance to watch former StarCraft Brood War legends compete in StarCraft II. As we’ve seen with Warcraft III legends Jae-Ho 'Moon' Jang and Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen, the transition from one competitive RTS title to a new one isn’t easy. For the majority of the former StarCraft Brood War pros, the event got off to a shaky start with five of seven players dropping to the Lower Bracket in the first round. The KeSPA players soon found their stride, however, with every single player advancing to the next round of the bracket. It was Samsung KHAN’s Shin No “RorO” Yeol, who made the biggest splash during the event. Not only did this young Zerg player finish fourth overall in the tournament, he beat top StarCraft II players like Sang Won 'Seed' Ahn in order to secure his position. He’ll be advancing to the WCS Asia Finals in October to compete with the best of Asia for his chance to represent South Korea at the World Championship in Shanghai, China.

Now we move into the Grand Finals, where the three players who have risen to the top will be battling it out. Hyun-Woo 'Squirtle' Park is coming to the Grand Finals from the Winner’s Bracket, and Hyun-Woo 'Creator' Jang and Lee-Sak 'PartinG' Won will be facing off in the Lower Bracket Finals to determine who advances to face the mighty Squirtle.

The action starts on August 25 at 2:10 a.m. PDT. You can find the live stream here for free, and GSL ticket will provide spectators with access to a high definition stream as well (existing ticket holders already have access). This series has been punctuated by incredible gameplay, and you don’t have to miss a match. View the previous games in the series on’s YouTube channel.

Also, don’t forget to tune in to the WCS North America Finals happening this weekend!


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