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MvP Invitational Coming

MvP Invitational Coming

Major League Gaming, the Korean eSports Association and the International eSports Group are joining forces to bring us a truly extraordinary eSports tournament very soon: The MLG vs Proleague (MvP) Invitational. The MvP Invitational will assemble 48 of the world’s finest StarCraft II players from North America, South Korea, and Europe, to do battle against one another on the world stage.

In the coming weeks, these players will jockey for position, ultimately competing for an expenses paid trip to compete at the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas, Texas in November, and the $10,000 cash prize. The action starts on September 24, and matches will be aired weekly.

More information on this exciting event is coming soon. Tune in to the MLG site for details.

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