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Asia Finals – Taiwanese and South-East Asia Representatives

Asia Finals – Taiwanese and South-East Asia Representatives

The StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals are drawing near, but first, 32 of the top StarCraft II players from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and South Korea will compete in the Asia Finals for the honor of representing their nation at the World Championships in November.

In partnership with NetEase, Blizzard Entertainment will host the StarCraft II WCS Asia Finals on October 13 and 14 in Shanghai, China. The event will be held at the Baosteel Stage at the World Expo site, and will feature production by Gamefy TV.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the players who will be representing Taiwan and South-East Asia!


Yang "Sen" Chia Cheng

After establishing himself as one of the top non-Korean StarCraft: Brood War players, Sen quickly became one of Taiwan’s most popular players. Due to his popularity, many expectations were placed upon Sen after switching to StarCraft II, and he did not disappoint. Sen has proven that he can hang with top international competition by securing 3rd place finishes at NASL Season 1, NASL Season 2, and BlizzCon 2011; he also qualified for GomTV’s Global StarCraft II League. At the WCS Taiwan Nationals, Sen cruised to victory without losing a single map, earning a seed to the World Championship in Shanghai.


“AK” Li Zhe Wei

At the young age of 16, AK entered Taiwan Pro-League where he earned the nickname 'Youth Swarm King'. Many regard him Sen’s successor, a fitting title for this WCS Taiwan runner-up.


Lvjia “Ian” Hong

Ian surprised everyone by overcoming many famous players at the Taiwan Nationals to earn a spot in the top three. From darkhorse to promising Zerg star, Ian now has the chance to represent Taiwan in the Asia Finals as a follow-up to his fantastic performance.


Yuanjin Hui

Hui, known for his optimism and humor, continues to grow in popularity in Taiwan, where many fondly refer to him as 'Ghost hand' and 'Bro-Hui'.


Su San “Nilon” Yong

Mainly due to his excellent marine-splitting micro, Nilon is considered one of Taiwan’s rising Terran stars.


Liu “Slam” Yan-Cheng

Slam, a member of the TeSL 2011-12 championship team, had a solid showing at the Taiwan Nationals, where he made a lot of progress after teaming up with Sen.


Yang Jue “Apro” Hong

Apro, another solid member of the TeSL 2011-12 championship team, will also represent Taiwan at the Asia Finals.


Ke-wei “Fly” Chen

Fly, a well-known Warcraft III player, has shown exceptional talent after switching to StarCraft II. As a key member of the Wayi Spider team, he won more games than anyone anticipated in the TeSL 2011-12 tournament, where he was awarded the Best New Player award.



Without a team going into the WCS Taiwan Nationals, RongRong, known for his special tactics, earned a spot in the Asia Finals.


South-East Asia:

Marcus "Revenant" Tan Yin Sik

Former Warcraft III pro Revenant has emerged as one of the top South-East Asia Zerg players in Starcraft II, and has performed admirably against the top players in the community. During the WCS Singapore Nationals, he dropped only a single game, and won the rest of his matches to emerge as the champion.


Caviar Napoleon "Stellar" Marquises-Acampado (formerly "EnDerr")

With his strong performance and consistent results in South-East Asia tournaments, Stellar has proven he’s the best player to emerge from the Philippines.


Thanapol "RedArchon" Kuachat

RedArchon, one of the strongest Terran players in all of South-East Asia, is no stranger to international competition. In 2010, he became the Blizzcon South-East Asia Champion after defeating top tier players like iceiceice and mOOnglade. Since his trip to BlizzCon, he has shown that he has what it takes to be considered Thailand’s top StarCraft II player by securing victories in many different events.


The Chinese Representatives -- The South Korean Representatives

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