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Asia Finals – Chinese Representatives

Asia Finals – Chinese Representatives

The StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals are drawing near, but first, 32 of the top StarCraft II players from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and South Korea will compete in the Asia Finals for the honor of representing their nation at the World Championships in November.

In partnership with NetEase, Blizzard Entertainment will host the StarCraft II WCS Asia Finals on October 13 and 14 in Shanghai, China. The event will be held at the Baosteel Stage at the World Expo site, and will feature production by Gamefy TV.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the players who will be representing China.


Hui "Comm" Shen

Comm displayed his amazing skill at China Nationals where he only lost one map before claiming his throne as China’s top StarCraft II player. His strong showing against Protoss opponents has many looking forward to his matches against top Korean Protoss players.


Huang "TooDming" Hui Ming

Spectators didn't expect much from TooDming going into the China Nationals, but by the end of the tournament he was receiving more applause than any other competitor. On the final day, TooDming fought back several times despite being at a distinct disadvantage to eliminate Jim, Xy, and Top, before losing in the grand finals.


Tao “Top” Hu

Few had heard of Top prior to the WCS China Nationals, but after unexpectedly defeating the likes of Super, Loner, and Xy, he is now on everyone's radar. Next, this rising star looks to take the Asia Finals by storm.


Xiang "XY" Yao

Earlier this year, Xy proved he’s a force to be reckoned with by winning the CPL 2012 without dropping a single game. At the WCS China Nationals, Xy performed impressively by beating F91 and MacSed to earn a spot in the top four.


Xiang "MacSed" Hu

MacSed, one of the best Protoss players in an all of China, has shown he has what it takes to beat Korean pros by claiming the NGF and StarsWar7 championships. At the WCS China Nationals, MacSed narrowly defeated his teammate XiGua to secure his spot in the Asia Finals.


Jin "Jim" Hui Cao

'Genius' Jim aimed for the national championship at the China Nationals but fell just short after losing to the eventual champion, Comm, and runner-up, TooDming.


Wang "Infi" Xuwen

Infi, one of the world’s best Warcraft III players, dropped into lower bracket early in the WCS Asia Finals, but managed to battle back to win three straight matches to secure a seed in the Asia Finals.


Song "XluoS" Ying

XluoS, a young Protoss player, entered the China Nationals while chasing his dream to join a professional StarCraft II team. After earning a spot in the Asia Nationals, his dream may soon be reached.



Yet another surprise at the China Nationals was Ash, a Protoss player who managed to defeat the top two protoss players in the tournament before claiming his spot in the Asia Finals. Keep an eye on this Protoss-versus-Protoss master at the Finals.


Sun "F91" Yi Feng

The ‘Chinese Zerg King’ F91 claimed the final spot in the Asia Finals by defeating former BlizzCon and GSL competitor Loner in the WCS China Nationals.


The Taiwan and South-East Asia Representatives -- The South Korean Representatives

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