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WCS Asia Finals Recap

WCS Asia Finals Recap

Over two days of hard-fought StarCraft II tournament action, 32 players from China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea competed to determine who would emerge as Asia's StarCraft II champion. With the last of the World Championship Series continental finals completed, having been preceded by South America, Oceania, North America, and Europe, the final names for the World Championship in Shanghai on November 16-17 have been determined.

Seeds to the World Championship were awarded to the top six performers: Jung "Rain" Yoon Jong, Won "PartinG" Lee Sak, Song "HerO" Hyeon Deok, Kim "herO" Joon Ho, Lee "Curious" Won Pyo, and Shin "RorO" No Yeol. Other participants who have already earned spots in the World Championship are Hui "Comm" Shen, Yang "Sen" Chia Cheng, and Jang "Creator" Hyun Woo.

Both Sen and Huang "TooDming" Hui Ming won their first two matches in the tournament.

Rain, who achieved his first Grand Championship finish in a major tournament since moving from StarCraft: Brood War pro play to StarCraft II just five months ago, was dominant throughout the weekend. Along the way, he faced and defeated Taiwan’s Su San “Nilon” Yong, China’s Sun "F91" Yi Feng and Huang "TooDming" Hui Ming, and then his fellow South Koreans CJ.herO, TL.HerO, and PartingG. Rain only dropped one map in the tournament, a close PvP struggle with CJ.herO, who then fell to PartinG in the lower bracket just before PartinG dispatched TL.HerO to set up the Grand Final.

The winners medals on display before being awarded

Going into the Grand Final, both Rain and PartinG were on a two-match PvP win streak, and it was hard to guess who might win, as PartinG was fresh from avenging a 0-2 loss to TL.HerO earlier in the day by handily defeating TL.HerO 2-0 in the semi-final. But this Grand Final quickly turned into a demonstration of force by Rain, who overwhelmed PartingG in 13 minutes and 12 minutes respectively, for a 2:0 victory and the $24,000 first place prize.

Your Asia Finals Champion

Here are VOD links to many of the matches throughout the tournament:

Upper Bracket
Creator vs. Ash
EnDerr vs. Infi
Comm vs. SKTB
Parting vs. MacSed
Sen vs. Miya
Ian vs. herO
Revenant vs. F91
Nilon vs. Rain

Lower Bracket
Ash vs. Jim
RedArchon vs. MacSed
Miya vs. Hui
Revenant vs. Nilon

Upper Bracket
HerO vs. Infi
Comm vs. Ror
Sen vs. XY
Squirtle vs. herO
F91 vs. Rain

Lower Bracket
Creator vs. Miya
Curious vs. Fly

Upper Bracket
Seed vs. HerO
Sen vs. herO
Rain vs. Toodming
Roro vs. Parting

Lower Bracket
XY vs. Squirtle
Slam vs. Top
Creator vs. Xluos
Comm vs. Curious
Seed vs. Squirtle
Roro vs. Slam
Sen vs. Creator
Toodming vs. Curious
Seed vs. Roro
Parting vs. Curious Part 1Part 2

Upper Bracket
HerO vs. Parting Part 1Part 2
herO vs. Rain

Lower Bracket
Roro vs. herO
Parting vs. Curious

Upper Bracket Semi-final: HerO vs. Rain
Lower Bracket Semi-final: herO vs. Parting
Lower Bracket Semi-final: HerO vs. Parting
Grand Final: Rain vs. Parting

Special thanks to subreddit SpoilerFreeSC for finding the timestamps in the list above.


Full Asia Finals results brackets

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