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RISK: StarCraft Now on Sale: Preview of Faction/Territory Cards

RISK: StarCraft Now on Sale: Preview of Faction/Territory Cards

One of the world's most popular and classic board games now comes with a new sci-fi theme that's near and dear to our hearts. RISK: StarCraft Collector’s Edition has invaded local retail and online stores. The war for galactic supremacy begins now!

RISK: StarCraft offers four ways to play:

  • Basic Training – a quick and easy mode for beginners
  • Command Room – a fast-paced, yet strategic take on RISK, using StarCraft heroes and abilities
  • Total Domination – an updated version of the classic game
  • Team Play – 2 v 2 and 3 v 3  game-modes.

RISK:StarCraft comes complete with 333 game pieces. Custom components include 2 Terran Armies, 2 Protoss Armies, 2 Zerg Armies, 6 Leaders, 6 Custom Bases, 15 Custom Mineral Fields, 42 Faction/Territory Cards, Custom Game Board, and 7 dice.

Now available in the Blizzard Online Store and Amazon.

Check out a sample of the 42 custom Faction/Territory Cards below:

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