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BWC – The Asian Finalists

BWC – The Asian Finalists

Over the past seven months, StarCraft II players around the world have battled it out for the honor of representing their countries at the World Championship in Shanghai, China. Players from more than 30 different countries competed in qualifier, national, and continental events in order to earn their spots at the BWC. Now, 32 of the world’s best StarCraft II players are traveling to China to compete for both country and a share of the $250,000 prize pool. The winner of the event will be taking home the trophy, the prestigious title of StarCraft II World Champion, and a $100,000 cash prize.

Here are the finalists from China, South Korea, and Taiwan:

1st Place Asia Continental Finals
Liquipedia: Jung Yoonjong

3rd Place South Korea Nationals, 2nd Place Asia Continental Finals
Twitter: ST_PartinG -- Liquipedia: Won Leesak

1st Place South Korea Nationals
Twitter: CreatorPrime -- Liquipedia: Jang Hyunwoo

1st Place Taiwan Nationals
Twitter: GamaniaSen -- Liquipedia: Yang Chia Cheng

1st Place China Nationals
Liquipedia: Hui Shen

3rd Place Asia Continental Finals
Twitter: Liquid_HerO -- Liquipedia: Song Hyeon Deok

4th Place South Korea Nationals
Twitter: skwangs7 -- Liquipedia: Shin No Yelo

Liquipedia: Kim Joon Ho

Liquipedia: Lee Won Pyo

The World Championship gets underway this weekend.

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