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Selected Videos from the BWC

Selected Videos from the BWC

As the StarCraft II Global Final raged on at the World Championship in Shanghai, China, we took a few moments to watch some of the exciting videos created on site in Shanghai. Here are three of our favorites.

Definitive eSports covered this press conference on Day 1, which included Spanish brothers Pedro “LucifroN” Durán and Juan “VortiX” Durán, and  Americans Dan “ViBE” Scherlong and Conan “Suppy” Liu.

Team Razer’s video cameras captured a number of awesome shots of the event, and they compiled them into this rockin’ music video.

Over at Gamespot, Dan “Frodan” Chou spent over 15 minutes talking to Blizzard’s StarCraft II Game Director Dustin Browder in this interview that touched on game balance, the ongoing tournament, eSports, and the forthcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion.

Check out all of our World Championship coverage at our BWC Official site, where you’ll find brackets, results, VODs, and much more.

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