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Call to Action: Balance Testing

Call to Action: Balance Testing

We’ve recently published a custom version of Antiga Shipyard, called "Antiga Shipyard (1.5.3 Balance)," in which we’re testing small balance changes to StarCraft II. Our plan is to first consider these, and then potentially test additional changes. Here’s the situation:

  • We've heard plenty of feedback recently from pro players and the community about powerful Zerg strategies.
  • Globally, at both the pro and non-pro levels, we’re not seeing significant balance issues.
  • We don't think there’s a large problem here, but we do agree that it’s worth trying to make things better by allowing some different options for players facing Zerg opponents.
  • As always, we want to make minor changes that open up tactical play, if possible.

Here’s what we’re testing:

Fungal Growth no longer affects Psionic units.

By making Psionic units immune to Fungal Growth, Infestors will need to be better protected by supporting units and will become somewhat more vulnerable to High Templar and Ghosts.

Raven Seeker Missile no longer requires an upgrade.

We’ve been discussing the design of the Seeker Missile for a while, and want to see it reach its potential. However, we don’t want to go overboard with the Raven. This change, if we settle on it, is something that will promote slightly more Raven usage, but shouldn’t completely rework the Terran late game.

We’re considering some other changes, but we want to tackle these first. They feel suitable for testing, and in particular, we’re looking for higher level players to playtest with us.

In addressing the metagame in the near future, we’re taking the time to fully determine which changes will work best together, and we're not looking for first impressions. Please playtest the new map thoroughly and join us in this discussion thread with your feedback.

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