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Call to Action: November 30 Balance Testing

Call to Action: November 30 Balance Testing

We’ve just published a new custom version of Antiga Shipyard, called "Antiga Shipyard (1.5.3 Balance)," in which we’re testing small balance changes to StarCraft II. This map has different balance adjustments than the previous version we published on November 20. With this test, we’re continuing to consider the meta-game around Zerg. Here’s the situation:

1.       After testing the previous adjustment that made Psionic units immune to Fungal Growth, we found it to be too big of a change. We've reverted that change for now.

2.       Global statistics don’t give us the impression that Zerg players have a general advantage, especially at the highest levels of play.

3.       We do agree with the community that everyone could possibly benefit from some attention to Infestors.

Here’s what we’re testing now:

Raven Seeker Missile no longer requires an upgrade.

As before, this should slightly promote Raven usage without completely altering the Terran late game.

Egg health reduced to 80 (was 100).

In this test, we’re looking at bringing down the impact of Infested Terrans. When players have a dozen or more Infestors, they aren’t using 20 Fungals at once. Rather, they’re relying on Infested Terrans. The question we hope to answer is: Will the Zerg’s opponents kill some of the eggs before Infested Terrans spawn?

We’d like to see how this plays out on the test map. These aren’t final changes, and we’re looking for feedback that is based on playtesting. After you’ve thoroughly tested it, please join us in this discussion thread.

Thank you very much!

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