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Wings of Liberty Balance Update -- December 4, 2012

Wings of Liberty Balance Update -- December 4, 2012

While we agree that Infestors are being used too abundantly in many games, we are aiming to address this concern carefully to ensure that we don’t completely discourage the use of Infestors.

Generally speaking, we want to slightly reduce Fungal Growth in all three matchups, and we feel reducing the casting range would help us achieve this goal. We anticipate that the reduction in health for Infested Terran eggs will be most noticeable in the PvZ matchup when Psi Storm is used. The Raven change helps Terran players in late game TvZ scenarios and has the potential to introduce new Terran late game strategies.

On December 4, after a brief maintenance period in each region, the following balance changes will take effect globally:

  • Terran
    • Upgrade requirement removed for Raven seeker missile.
  • Zerg
    • Infested Terran eggs health down from 100 to 70

    • Fungal Growth range down from 9 to 8

Again, to be clear, these changes will take effect after a short maintenance in each region is complete, and neither a patch nor any other special action will be required to experience them in-game.

Our plan is to apply this balance update and monitor the effects of these changes. The extensive testing and quality of feedback we’ve received on the last two balance maps have allowed us to make this call. Please keep in mind that our goal with this patch is to make small changes that nudge balance in the right direction. With Heart of the Swarm launching in March, we will have more time to address balance concerns further if necessary.

Thank you for helping us playtest and sharing your feedback on the last two balance maps.

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