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The Ultimate Guide to PvZ

The Ultimate Guide to PvZ

Earlier this year, a handful of community members came together with the common goal of writing a guide to the Protoss versus Zerg matchup. After nine months of work, the group released a definitive guide to the PvZ matchup that covers every imaginable nuance.

Numbering over 100 pages in length, this free compendium includes more than 350 VODs, as well as 150 replays from pro players, and is widely considered the most detailed and comprehensive StarCraft II multiplayer guide to date. Whether you're a Protoss player seeking to tighten up your game, a Zerg player hoping to find insight into the Protoss mindset, or an eSports fan who simply wants to learn about the matchup before the next big tournament, there’s something for everyone in this text.

You'll find the Protoss versus Zerg guide on the Team Liquid forums by following this link. If you prefer, a PDF version is also available. If you find the guide useful, make sure to show your appreciation to the writers in the comments section below, or on the official forums.

Artwork provided by: Pony Tales (Lip the Pencilboy and shiroiusagi)

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