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Starter Edition Arcade Highlights

Starter Edition Arcade Highlights

A holiday break usually means one thing for gamers: more time to play games! As always, we’re looking for ways to offer our community as much gaming action as possible. To that end, we’re now offering all of the games we’ve previously featured for the StarCraft II Arcade in the StarCraft II Starter Edition. This means that even if your friends don’t own StarCraft II, they can download the Starter Edition and play any featured game with you.

Check out the games that are available in the Starter Edition:

Snipers Promod


Element Tower Defense


Angry Angry Templar


Ling Ling Rocket


Kobold Tribes




Tower Defense Tycoon

For a limited time, we’re featuring all of the above, in addition to Blizzard’s Left 2 Die, Aiur Chef, and StarJeweled in the Starter Edition. Now’s the time to grab some friends, jump online, and enjoy some of best games our community has to offer. Happy Holidays!

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