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2012 Holiday Cards & Desserts

2012 Holiday Cards & Desserts

You provided us with yet another inspirational, entertaining, and downright hilarious collection of Blizzard-themed holiday greeting cards and baked treats to cap off 2012. We look back on all of the entries fondly, as if the spirited (and the quirky) creators among you benefit from our IRL stimpacks.

And now for some of our favorites. . . .

Elisey Kitsis Jeramy Zapotosky Paulina Milewska
Justin Purdy Ondrej Soukup Archibald Fraser
Remco Fransen Kristoffer Björklund Pierre Saugrain

Interested in participating? Awesome! Just wait about eleven months for the holidays to roll around again. You, too, could be the lucky winner of thumbnail space on our website, if not at least a delicious dessert to consume, or a geektastic greeting card to send to that weird aunt who doesn’t own a computer.

Year upgrade complete!

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