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Call to Action: Replay Feature Testing

Call to Action: Replay Feature Testing

A few weeks ago, Beta Patch 2.0.3 brought the Watch with Others, Take Command, and Recover Game replay features to the Heart of the Swarm Beta. It's our goal to test these new replay features on a large scale so that as many issues as possible can be discovered and eliminated prior to launching the game. In order to accomplish this task, we kindly request that you take some time to sink your teeth into each replay feature and report any bugs you might encounter.

To aid you in beginning this quest, professional StarCraft II players Danny 'ViBE' Scherlong, Ben 'DeMusliM' Baker, and Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen were kind enough to donate replays that you can use to test the Watch with Others and Take Command features. Find out how you'd fare with a pro's units at your fingertips by downloading each of the replays below:

DeMusliM - Terran vs. Zerg

ViBE - Zerg vs. Zerg

Grubby - Protoss vs. Terran

Please keep in mind that you will need to use your own replays in order to test Recover Game, as this feature requires the original players to be present in the Replay Lobby before the game will start. Additionally, if you'd like a quick refresher on how each of the new replay features work, you can find more detailed information here.

If you encounter any issues while using the new replay features, head over to the Beta Bug Report Forum to fill us in on your experience. When reporting a bug, please be as thorough as possible while recounting what happened, and mindful of the Beta Bug Report Forum's Posting Guidelines.

Thank you once again for all of your efforts and feedback while testing the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Beta. See you on!

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