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StarCraft Discussion Roundup

StarCraft Discussion Roundup

Every two weeks, we highlight discussions from every corner of the StarCraft community that we think you might be interested in reading or joining.

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  • Heartlash asked if you'll be switching your main race with the advent of Heart of the Swarm.
  • How are you celebrating on Heart of the Swarm launch day? Check out NubainMuscle's thread to fill everyone in on your plans for March 12.
  • Fingrknitter wants to know which professional StarCraft II players you think deserve a big tournament win.
  • Shonix wants to hear about your preferred keyboard hand positioning while playing StarCraft II.
  • Who do you think will be the next to achieve the StarCraft II Triple Crown?
  • The StarCraft universe has been steadily dissected over the past few months by the work of some very dedicated forum posters. Listen in to each talk show as guest host Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson and the rest of the gang break down the anatomy, lore, and mechanics of StarCraft II.

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Lore of StarCraft

Mechanics of StarCraft

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