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April Fools: Blizzard Creative Development Warhound Q&A

April Fools: Blizzard Creative Development Warhound Q&A

With the Warhound’s glorious return, we knew there would be questions burning in the collective hearts of the StarCraft community. We sat down with Justin Dye, prominent member of the “Warhound Advocacy Department” (formerly known as Creative Development) to get the inside scoop.

Q: What’s the lore behind the Warhound’s origin?

A: A fantastic question. We added a new short story last week which covers the backstory of the Warhound by famed science fiction author, Alex Irvine!  Be on the look out!

Q: In the beta, the Warhound was built from the factory.  Why is it now a worker?

A: As noted in our email conversation with David Kim, the Warhound went through testing during Heart of the Swarm’s beta phase, but we discovered a very serious problem: it took far too long to build Warhounds. Why should we force you to wait until you have a Factory to build a Warhound when it can come straight from your Command Center?  A player’s average time to Warhound or “ATW” is now less than a second!

Q: This sounds great! Have you considered making every unit the Warhound?

A: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While I think we all agree that the Warhound needed a comeback, replacing every unit with the Warhound could cause some minor confusion on the StarCraft II Ladder. We’re currently looking into alternative methods to give you the same punch, like perhaps adding a fourth race composed entirely of Warhounds, or perhaps neutral Xel’Naga Warhounds which can be claimed by nearby ground units.

Q: Why aren’t there any female Warhound pilots?

A: There are! They just happen to look and sound exactly like the male ones. You can blame the strict, some might even say draconian, Dominion physical appearance guidelines for this one.

Q: What’s the lore reasoning for all three races having terran pilots in their Warhounds?

A: Good eye! You’ve caught a bug our QA department alerted us to early this morning. We decided to ship the patch anyways, because we simply couldn’t wait any longer! Tomorrow we’ll be patching in lore-appropriate drivers for the Warhounds, including a Baneling, a Dark Templar, and an SCV.

Q: Are we really supposed to believe that Zerg Warhounds are now biological units that can morph into structures?

A: Yes! It’s all very complicated and it involves Ribosomes.

Q: Have you considered adding Warhounds to your other games?

A: Fan reaction to this change has been incredible, but we’re considering this a test bed. If we’re successful, we’d love to add the Warhound into each of our games including Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.  But that’s not all. A considerable effort is being spent on research and development in order to add the Warhound directly into every Rock n’ Roll Racing cartridge ever made! Thrilling stuff!

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